​Koozie Program

The Jeep Mafia 

 "Koozying" wasn't planned, it just happened.  One of our founders sent a supply of Jeep Mafia koozies to all of the moderators.  On a whim, Gerard Checchia (@returncheck) placed one on a neighbor's Jeep windshield.  When he realized how much it made her day, we decided to make it a "thing."  

We now have hundreds of Jeep Mafia "hitmen" across the globe, koozying Jeeps.  Anyone can be a hit man by ordering from our merchandise tab. They are cheap.  We don't sell them for profit, we sell them for fun!  

We only have two simple rules:

1.  Posting on our pages begging for a koozie takes all the fun out of it.   Koozie hits are random.  Hitmen pick a Jeep that catches their eye and hit them with a koozie, then post a pic on our FB page or tag us on Twitter or Instagram. So wait for it to happen, or order a pak and be a koozier yourself!  

2.  Everyone loves their Jeep as much as you do, so don't lean on or climb on a Jeep to Koozie it.  If it's too tall for a windshield wiper hit, stick it in the door handle.

​Order koozies on our Merchandise page.