The Jeep Mafia is a group of Jeep-lovin’ friends who spend their time wheeling, rock crawling, mudding, mall-crawling, wrenching, beer-drinking, and koozying, across the world, in the sun or snow. 

We haven't all met yet,but we are family.  We hold meet-ups near and far, and in between we buy jeep parts and post about them, take pics and videos of our Jeeps and post about them, lift, uplift, give advice, Jeep wave, and our most famous past time is "Koozie hits.".  Our members are armed with Jeep Mafia koozies and when we see a great rig, we smack a koozie on the windshield. to make a Jeeper's day.

Whether your Jeep is stock or lifted so high you need a step-ladder, whether it’s a rock crawler or a mall crawler, whether it’s a Willys, CJ, VJ, DJ, FC, FJ, SJ, C101, C104, XJ, MJ, YJ, ZJ, TJ, LJ, WJ, KJ, WK, XK, JK, JKU, MK, KK or the KL...SHEW!   It doesn't matter if it's clean or muddy, running or sitting, been on a trail or only the pavement, whether you live in Florida, Oregon, or anywhere in between; if you enjoy hanging out with good friends who enjoy the same passion, you need to join the Jeep Mafia.

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and you are in the family!  But don’t just sit there; we love interacting with our followers!  Pull up a barstool,  grab a beer, open up your social media, and let’s talk Jeep!

The Jeep Mafia